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Clinics / Walk-in

The Gibsons Medical Associates provide comprehensive family medicine services for our patients and whenever possible patients should be booking to see their own family doctor. Sometimes that is not possible, so the Walk-in Clinics are available to meet the needs of patients who cannot see their own doctor at the time required and for patients who do not have their own family doctor.

Gibsons Clinic Walk-In hours:

Monday – Friday
  9:00 am – 4:30 pm*
  9:00 am – 12:00 pm**

The Walk-In Clinic starts at 9:00AM. Names start going on a list at 8:30AM when clinic doors open.

Due to the high volume of patients attending the Walk in Clinic, the doctors on call will cut off incoming patients at their own discretion.

* With one doctor on in the morning and one doctor on in the afternoon.
There are other Doctors working in the clinic seeing patients with booked appointments.(Applies to Monday to Friday WIC)

**Please note if phones have been turned off before 12:00 on Saturday, this is due to the high volume of patients already booked.

Due to time constraints at the Walk-in Clinic, patients needing to see a doctor for either a complete physical or for a WCB injury follow-up are asked to book a regular  appointment. 
These issues will not be handled at the Walk-In Clinic.



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